Our philosophy

The French real estate market is a complex one : overproduction of laws – sometimes contradictory, weak economic conditions, increased financiarization of the operations and the fast obsolescence of real estate assets are all serious challenges.
In this context, the objective of Stratos is to build and monitor the best strategies possible to create value for its clients while securing their investment.

Serving the interests of Investors

STRATOS is dedicated to all the investors who require a professional and customized support while investing or developing the value of their real estate assets.
STRATOS intervenes on behalf of real estate professionals (such as family office, fund manager, asset manager…) as well as private investors.
STRATOS operates mainly on offices, high street retail, residential and hotel properties.

Satisfying the demands of our clients

Drawing upon our long experience in managing complex real estate operations on behalf of institutional real estate investors, Stratos works closely with real estate experts (such as lawyer, tax advisor, notary, land surveyor, broker, architect and construction companies…) to offer to its clients exemplary services. This ensures that we create value for our clients while securing their investments.

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About our founder

Isabelle MARTROU graduated from ESSEC Business School.

She began her career in 1997 in real estate structured finance at Société Générale where she devoted herself to the financing of complex hotel operations, before joining in 2003 a boutique consulting firm specialized in mergers and acquisitions. From 2006 to 2014, Isabelle oversaw at DTZ Asset Management the valuation of over € 800 million of real estate transactions on behalf of Anglo-Saxon investors and large French institutional investors. In March 2014, she founded STRATOS.